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Naturalisation and Citizenship

British CitizenMr Hasani has particular expertise on matter concerning deprivation of British nationality or cases where the grant of British citizenship has been treated as a nullity by the Secretary of State for the Home Department on the basis that she has received information that when the Applicant became a British citizen he/she provided false information about his place and country of birth and or advance a false asylum claim on arrival in the UK, in that it was obtained by deception, fraud or concealment of material facts, or obtained citizenship by way of impersonation.

Mr Hasani represents a number of Albanian citizens, who entered the UK in the late 1990’s and advanced false asylum claims, in that they claimed to be refugees, escaping the war in Kosovo. They were granted refugee status, indefinite leave to remain and on application, they became British citizens on false particulars, such as name, date and place of birth and nationality, pretending to be from Kosovo, when in fact they were citizens of Albania.

The Secretary of State for the Home Department resolved to cancel their British citizenship, when she received information either through the British Embassy in Albania or indeed through voluntary disclosure to her of the false details, by these individuals and as such, they are no longer British citizens and enforcement actions could also be taken to remove them from the United Kingdom on the basis of the deception that they had employed, through false asylum applications and when they applied for naturalization or registration as British citizens.

Mr Hasani successfully challenged in the Supreme Court (see judgment on R (Hysaj & Ors) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] UKSC 82), a number of decisions of the Secretary of State for the Home Department to cancel the British nationality of a number of British citizens of Albanian origin who fled their country during late 1990’s and came to the UK and claimed asylum pretending to be from Kosovo and treating their grant of British nationality  a nullity, in that they are not and they have never been British citizens,.

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