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Funding Your Case

Funding Your Case

We are flexible about the way your advice is funded. We will discuss the options with you at the outset. The following methods are available:

Paying Privately 

This is probably the most common form of Fee Arrangement. Obtaining Legal Advice need not be expensive and we are certain that our specialist lawyers will provide excellent value for the costs incurred. We will advise you at the outset as to the likely costs of your case and we will keep you informed of progress throughout your case. We will bill you at regular intervals and we have a number of options for making payment, including the use of debit cards.

Legal Aid Agency Franchise Work

Oliver & Hasani Solicitors conducts Legal Aid work, as we do have a Legal Services Commission contract. It is possible that in certain cases and depending on your financial circumstances, you may be eligible for Legal Aid. If you believe that you are unable to fund your case privately you may be entitled to legal aid. We would advise you on the criteria to be met, to be eligible for public funding. This firm has a legal aid contract to deliver services on immigration and asylum and judicial review matters and also in cases involving public law issues.

Conditional Fee Agreements (No Win No Fee)

We may be able to offer a No Win No Fee (Conditional Fee) Agreement in some cases. Your solicitor will advise you whether this option is suitable for your case. Under this scheme, we will not charge you for our service if you do not win your case. If you win your case, then we will charge you a supplementary fee called a “Success Fee”, but this would be paid by your Opponent at the successful conclusion of your case and not by you. To protect you against having to pay your Opponent’s costs if you lose, we will advise you about taking out an insurance cover to prevent this from happening.

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