Rodney Oliver

Rodney Oliver

Rodney Oliver has directly contributed towards the setting up of Oliver & Hasani Solicitors by continuously guiding Mr Hasani in the legal profession and throughout his career.

Mr Oliver was an honorary consultant solicitor with this firm until September 2015. He recently retired from his practise as a solicitor and we are grateful for his excellent service and contribution to the legal profession for 59 years. Mr Oliver has served the legal profession with utmost dedication, since he was admitted as a Solicitor in November 1960 and he served as an Immigration Judge at the First Tier Tribunal.

He has established a great reputation by assisting many asylum seekers and refugees fleeing to the UK from war torn countries from early 1990’s especially from the former Yugoslavia and eventually specializing on Albanian cases. Mr Oliver undertakes regular visits to Albania, Kosovo and the rest of the Balkans for many years and he is fluent in Albanian language. We wish to pay tribute to his outstanding work throughout his distinguished legal career.

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